Business as (Anything But) Usual

Business as (Anything But) Usual

You started your business with little more than a dream and an idea that you hoped would work.  You  sweated over it, lost sleep over it, gave up weekends and vacations…in every sense of the word, you built your company from the ground up.

Maybe you have some questions about what to do next. You’re ready to expand but aren’t sure how.    Maybe you want to make sure you’re paying the right amount of taxes. You have a list of questions, and you need answers.

The last thing you want is to choose an accountant you won’t be able to understand.  Sure, you want to make certain they know their stuff, but you’re really more interested in finding out what they know about your stuff.  What can they do to help you grow your business to the next level? How can they help your company become a success with your specific needs?

More than bookkeeping and tax forms, Loden, Fraze & Associates offers sound financial advice and business guidance. By partnering with you, we are able to provide more than the typical accountant services: payroll, tax planning and preparation, software support and process systems.  We can become a trusted resource for developing a business model that is uniquely geared to your company.

At Loden, Fraze & Associates, we understand the specialized needs of small businesses and start-ups because we’ve been there. When we talk about the challenges of hiring additional workers, we know how intimidating that can be – we’ve done it. Celebrating your 20th client (or your 100th) is a milestone worthy of a victory dance (we’ve done that, too!) but knowing how to prepare for future growth is equally as important.

We don’t want to help you do business as usual.  We want to help you do business as (anything but) usual.  We want you to do business as unique.

Contact Loden, Fraze & Associates today to find out how our comprehensive approach to accounting can help your business become all that you want and more.